South Florida Healthy Spines
Community Outreach in Coral Springs, FL

South Florida Healthy Spines Inc is a 501c3 approved organization. We are a chiropractic non-profit helping the South Florida community through Chiropractic and Wellness awareness.

South Florida Healthy Spines makes a special effort to reach people who desperately need Chiropractic care. There are special populations of people who will never have the opportunity to receive care based on their current circumstance. Our providers reach out to those people groups and donate their time and skills, impacting lives for generations to come. South Florida Healthy Spines providers serve within their local communities to provide complimentary care for the homeless, children in foster care, victims of human trafficking, women in crisis pregnancy centers and more.

South Florida Healthy Spines offers preventative spinal screenings for families within our communities as well as educational workshops to help promote healthy families. These workshops are essential to educate families on simple yet easy to implement strategies promote healthy families.

In order for children to be healthy, they must have a properly functioning nervous system. Most children don’t receive spinal nerve assessments or posture evaluations during regular visits to the pediatrician. In fact, most are not checked for scoliosis until middle school. By that point bracing or surgery is the only option for advanced spinal curvatures.

We are creating a powerful movement to push forward and screen as many children as we can.